Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I am my hero!

I am running
the wind is blowing through my hair
my lungs are pumping
I feel exhilarated . . .

Then I wake up!

I lie in the bed
feeling hopeful
thinking of running
and longing to do so.

Then I sit up!
Running is in the past;
or at least for now.
Brain surgery
has slowed me down.

But NOT stopped me.

Each day is a new adventure.
A new set of hopes,
and challenges.

It’s partially my choice,
my attitude,
my pain level,
but mainly my head.

Cavernous malformations;
a mind of their own.

Please be patient,
forgive when I can’t remember,
support me when I’m dizzy,
and be supportive each day.

Don’t rush me!

If you can’t support me
please leave me.
I won’t hold it against you
but I don’t need the stress.

I am my hero!

I am my motivator
I made it through today.
I’ll make it through tomorrow
and I’ll conquer the next!

Cavernous malformations
are all in my head;
today I did my best
now it’s time to rest!

               written by Erin W.